Month: January 2012

Christian Leadership: What Did God Want in a King?

In 1 Samuel 8, Israel asks God for a King to lead them.  Up until that point, Israel was led by God himself, bringing deliverance and battle and anointing prophets and judges to help lead his people.  Living by faith in God frustrated Israel, and for this reason they eventually […]

Bible Verses About Love: God’s Love, Love for Neighbor, Christian Quotes on Love

This post is a list of inspirational Bible verses about love.  These encouraging Bible verses, biblical quotes, and Christian quotes on love should give you a good understanding of the Biblical Scriptures on Love. These Scriptures on love are all taken from the English Standard Version (ESV).  Because the Bible […]

Bible Verses on Hope: Inspirational and Encouraging

Christians have been turning to the Scriptures for inspiration and hope since the time of Jesus.  These inspirational and encouraging verses of hope will uplift your soul and give you hope in live and hope in God as you meditate on the powerful truth that is in the Word of […]