Month: April 2012

7 Questions for Christian Self-Examination

Our physical lives need routine check-ups to see that we are healthy and to prevent and diagnose health problems before they become a major threat to our lives.  Our spiritual lives are susceptible to problems as well and require self-examination in order to purge the unhealthy tendencies we have and […]

Open Book Forum | Jonah: Navigating a God-Centered Life

Are you self-absorbed?  What do you hold onto as an idol?  How would you feel if God called you to serve in a land known for terror and torture? These are questions the prophet Jonah had to ask himself as he lived out the story recorded in the book of […]

Quote: Charles Spurgeon on the Gospel

“The gospel learning I may give you in a few sentences, namely, these: that, inasmuch as through man’s sin, the way of obedience is for ever closed, so that we—none of us—can ever pass by it to a true righteousness, God has now determined to deal with men in a […]