Month: May 2012

Quote: Martin Luther on the Ten Commandments

The great reformer Martin Luther wrote in his commentary on Galatians about the new relationship between the Christian believer and the moral law of God, the Ten Commandments.  Here is what he said: “…When Paul declares that we are delivered from the curse of the Law he means the whole […]

Three Prayers to Focus on the Giver, Not the Gift

There are three simple prayers that you can use on your journey from a gift-centered to a God-centered life.  They will help you to appreciate God’s gifts and submit to His providence as you tear down the idols that lurk in your heart.1.  “Lord, help me to receive Your gifts […]

What is Biblical Repentance? | Video

What is Biblical repentance and why do we need to repent?  Here is an answer from Pastor Colin Smith: Pastor Colin defined repentance this way:  “Repentance is turning from all that you know of sin, with all that you know of yourself, to all that you know of God.” (from […]

Finding Forgiveness and Hope After an Abortion | Video

Pastor Colin Smith talks about what it will be like for mothers or fathers who made the choice to end the life of an unborn child, and have come to regret the choice they made.  He answers the question “Does God forgive abortion?” and provides hope for those who have […]