Month: October 2012

What is Worship? Thoughts on Meaning, Style, and Preparing your Heart

The Unlocking the Bible team discuss the real meaning of worship along with thoughts on the style of music and preparing your heart. Is there a right way to worship?  What is Worship and how should you prepare your heart? “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of […]

World Magazine Review of “Jonah: Navigating a God-Centered Life”

World Magazine recently ran a review of Colin Smith’s new book Jonah: Navigating a God-Centered Life which you can read here. Here is a quick excerpt: “…Thinking I knew the story of Jonah cold, this book took me by surprise.  Colin Smith’s keen, heart insights extracted from this tiny Old […]

The Story of Samson in the Bible: Good or Bad?

I remember in Sunday school as a kid being taught the story of Samson. Who can forget the Bible’s strongman known for ripping the limbs off a lion, slaughtering roughly 1,000 people with the jawbone of a donkey (Judges 15:15), or setting the tails of 300 foxes ablaze as a […]

Five Christian Parenting Resources from Unlocking the Bible

Unlocking the Bible seeks to bring the gospel to all of life, which includes parenting and the family. Here is a list of our five best resources for Christian parents: 1. Ten Keys to Effective Parenting comes from the series Unless the Lord Builds the House examines God’s design for a Christian family. […]


Bible Q&A: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? Do They Have Pagan Origins?

Question: Should Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc.? I’ve heard they are actually pagan traditions that have been “converted” into Christian holidays. All that I’ve read seems to back this up. Answer: Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Christmas is a pagan tradition. I’m not saying that it is […]

What are the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount?

The Sermon on the Mount is a sermon preached by Jesus Christ describing basic truths of how to live the Christian life. It is found in Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7.  The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ longest discourse anywhere in the Bible and contains many well-known Christian […]