Month: November 2012


10 Ways to Keep Christ the Center of Christmas

While things like gift-giving, cookie-baking (and eating!), and spending time with loved ones can be great and memorable things, Christians should seek to make Christ the focal point of Christmas. It is after all, Christmas! How can we keep our focus on the Savior? Here are 10 ways to keep […]

Christmas Bible Verses from the Old and New Testaments

The birth of Christ is one of the defining moments of history and is important for a number of reasons: It separates major eras in world history (the dating system BC/AD standing for “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” which means the year of our Lord) Christmas shows God’s faithfulness to […]

Bible Q&A: There Will Not Be What in Heaven?

Pastor Tim Augustyn from Unlocking the Bible answers the following listener question: “I listened to your message on heaven this morning, and the thing that bums me out about heaven is that there will be no sex there. Is that a correct understanding? And if there is no sex in […]