Month: August 2015

Living coram deo is to live before the sight of God

Live Coram Deo

The term coram Deo (before the sight of God) has been used for millennia as a way to remind God’s people to live worthy of our calling. Unfortunately, instead of seeing the glory of the invisible God, our eyes tend to fall upon a thousand examples of sin and brokenness, […]

The Bible says that speaking harsh words is like thrusting a person with a sword, but words of life bring healing

Speaking Harsh Words Like Sword Thrusts

There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. (12:18) Sword thrusts. Ouch. Our words carry weight, so much weight that Solomon compares rash words to sword thrusts – violent, piercing, mutilating. This is not the only place in Proverbs where […]

Pastor Colin Smith talks with Jerry Rose on Significant Insights about violence in the Bible, why God sends people to hell, and more.

How Do We Understand Violence in the Bible?

“The Old Testament gives us the story of God’s judgment when sins had reached their fullness.” Pastor Colin recently joined Jerry Rose on Significant Insights, a TLN program that seeks to answer peoples’ hardest questions about Christianity. In this episode, Pastor Colin addresses these five questions: How do we understand violence […]

political process

Two Reasons to Stay Engaged in the Political Process

Right around this time every four years, a political circus captivates the entire country and is spotlighted by every imaginable media outlet. Presidential campaigns can become taxing to follow. Perhaps you’ve already heard a candidate’s stump speech from past elections. Perhaps you’re skeptical of any politician’s ability to do what they […]

By-the-Brook Experiences and Mount Carmel Moments

God can do anything he wants to do. He is all-powerful, almighty.He created all that is, and he holds it all together. He has the power to take away your most troublesome problem or to bless you beyond your wildest dreams. However, God does not choose to do either of […]

the wright brothers

The Wright Brothers

History well told is better than fiction. This is because, quite simply, it is history and not fiction. The reader can see himself as a player in unfolding events. As in previous efforts, David McCullough’s recent The Wright Brothers (Simon & Schuster, New York, 2015) captures not only the story […]

Through the Lens of God’s Character

Have you ever struggled with the question, “Why is God allowing this”? I imagine that every believer is faced with this question at some point in their life. I clearly remember asking this question as I was painfully dealing with my son, who was struggling with a mental and physical disorder that we had yet to find answers to. […]

do justice love mercy walk humbly

Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly at Work

Your work matters to God. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Christ’s vision for our vocations, how work is a way we reflect the image of God, and how the perfect Son of God worked on our behalf to defeat sin and death so that we might be saved […]

small group

Five Small Group Lessons from Jesus

Pat and I were married just a few years before work moved us from Pennsylvania to Florida. Visiting a nearby church, we met Dave and Gloria who invited us to their home and introduced us to another young couple. As the holidays approached that year, Dave and Gloria invited us […]

I Would Be Like Jesus

In 1991, Gatorade ran its first “Be Like Mike” commercial. At that time, Michael Jordan was the most recognizable athlete in the world. Sports announcers could not say enough about the magic he created on the basketball court. And kids worldwide dreamed of becoming the next Michael Jordan. The commercial […]

less stuff

Less Stuff, More God

“Just simplify your life. Then you will be happy.” I often hear those words strung throughout social media, whether in a new Facebook challenge to get rid of “forty bags in forty days” or an article sharing the latest organization tips and tricks. There is even a book on the […]

best practice

Forgiveness: A Marriage Best-Practice

Marriage is a covenantal partnership that involves two people, a husband and wife, working towards a common goal: to represent Christ and his people to the world. Founded on and motivated by the gospel, marriage is set apart from other partnerships, like businesses or organizations. But a marriage is similar […]


Why Apologizing Is Important for Our Souls

If I’ve learned anything from working at a real grown-up job, it’s how to apologize. Or maybe that’s giving myself too much credit: I’ve learned the importance of apologizing. Apologizing is that excruciating process in which I slice open my own pride and lay my weakness out on the table […]

Spirit's prayers

Use the Spirit’s Prayers

The Bible contains some marvelous prayers that were breathed out directly by the Spirit of God. You find them in the Psalms. Using these Psalms to shape your prayers is a great way to discover the help of the Holy Spirit. The whole Bible was written as men were carried […]


The Hovering Fear Extractor

As a sophomore in college, I had a pretty fun job. I worked as a stagehand for the Braden Auditorium, a 3,500 seat theater at Illinois State University. While a student there, I had the unique opportunity to interact with some well known individuals and bands. Among my favorites were […]

God's voice

You’ve Already Heard God’s Voice

“God told me…” I have to confess something. I’ve grown up in the church all my life, but I have never heard God’s voice audibly. That’s not to say that I doubt others have heard a word or a whisper from our Heavenly Father and that it has been sincere. […]

on purpose

Positioned on Purpose

On the Apostle Paul’s second missionary journey, he arrived in Athens ahead of the rest of his team (Acts 17:16). This gave him some time to look around the city, and he was disturbed by the overt idolatry that adorned the marketplace and permeated this center of Greek culture. The […]

directing acting interview with Tim Gregory

On Ministering to a Church without Walls

Joining us today on Working on Purpose is Craig Glass, the Founder and President of Peregrine Ministries, whose mission is to guide and inspire men on their life journey. The vision of Peregrine Ministries is to see a growing community of men who: Understand their identity in Christ Embrace their […]

the psalms

Eight Ways to Use the Psalms

The Psalms are a unique treasure of Scripture that connect a believer’s head and heart in a rich and vivid way. While most of Scripture delivers words from God to man, the Psalms provide man with Spirit-inspired words to pray and sing to God. The format and diversity of the […]