We have exciting news!

Our radio program is expanding to new locations, including Indianapolis, West Palm Beach, and London, England.

What cities will be impacted by the expansion?

Starting July 31, 2017, the markets where UTB’s radio program airs will expand, and the time slots will greatly improve, providing a much larger listening audience and greater opportunity to impact people with the gospel. Cities impacted by the time changes include Chicago, Tampa, Cleveland, Moline, Grand Rapids, Spokane, and Nashville, with the addition of two new markets in Indianapolis and West Palm Beach.


In addition, UTB’s radio program began airing overseas in June on Premier Christian Radio, based in the United Kingdom. A Scot by birth, Colin Smith now enjoys the unique opportunity to minister the gospel to his homeland through Premier.

What does this mean for Unlocking the Bible?

In 2016, UTB estimates that it impacted two million people around the globe with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through these two radio footprint expansions alone, UTB estimates to reach another one million people, with the potential of reaching several million more.

A complete listing of radio stations and their updated times can be found at unlockingthebible.org/station-locator.

How can I share this news with others?

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