Key Connections (May 18, 2017)

Embrace the Life You Have (Vaneetha Rendall Risner, Desiring God)

So today, if you are feeling weary and disappointed about your life, allow yourself to grieve. To weep deeply.

Six Things You Need to Know About God’s Wrath (Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible)

This theme of the wrath (or anger) of God toward sin and sinners is clearly and widely taught in the Bible.

When Satan Demands to Sift You (Kristen Wetherell, iBelieve)

If you’re a believer, what the enemy wants is to fail your faith….But Jesus promises he won’t let you go.

7 Reasons the Gospel is Hard to Define (Scott Lothery, The Gospel Nourished Life)

What is the Gospel?  How would you define it?  If I said to you, “Fill in the blank.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is ______________,” what would you say?

Three great soundbites that make terrible theology (Matt Fuller, The Good Book Company)

Punchy sound bites are great…Yet most of us recognize that if we turned that sentence of great preaching into an absolute statement, then there would be a lot of Christians stumbling around without any eyes.

A Quick and Easy Way to Memorize a Scripture a Week (Mark Altrogge, The Blazing Center)

I have found that setting Scripture to music makes memorizing really easy. So I would like to begin to give you a Scripture set to music every week.

Kristen Wetherell is a writer, Bible teacher, and the content manager of Unlocking the Bible. She is the author, along with Sarah Walton, of Hope When It Hurts: Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God’s Purpose in Your Suffering (The Good Book Company, April 2017). She blogs at her website, and you can follow her on Twitter. She and her husband, Brad, are members of The Orchard in Itasca, Illinois. Connect with Kristen at her website.

Date Posted: May 18th, 2017