Key Connections (November 10, 2017)

Do You Excuse Your Own Sin? (Don Straka, Desiring God)

Instead of owning our sin, we excuse it. Instead of killing sin, we explain it away. Our sins become nothing worse, on our minds, than the kind of errors kids make playing soccer.

You Are Not Too Young (Jaquelle Crowe, Revive Our Hearts)

Jeremiah was not too young to do great things for God, and neither are you. The belief that we are is a lie meant to hold us back, because the truth is that God delights in using young people to build His kingdom.

Sipping Saltwater (Tim Challies,

A shipwrecked sailor can float in an ocean filled with trillions of gallons of water but never quench his thirst because he is afloat in saltwater. In the same way, none of the pleasures in this world can ultimately satisfy us without God.

4 Myths that Keep College Students from Joining a Church (Jim Davis, 9Marks)

Most church-going college students never join a church during their time away, electing either to retain membership at their old church or not join anywhere. The question they ask is this: If I have community, am mentored, receive Bible teaching, and am engaged in mission, then why do I need to join a church?

Give Thanks, For the Lord is Good (Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible)

When you have grasped that God is good, you will “enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.” Let’s remind ourselves of the goodness of God, so that our hearts may be prepared for thanksgiving. The goodness of God is demonstrated in more ways than we can number. We’ll identify just three of them.

Eden Parker is follower of Jesus and a senior at Wheaton College, studying Christian Education. If you entered her day unawares, you would find her working editorial at UTB, having coffee with a friend, running, throwing a javelin, drawing, or hanging out with her four loving brothers. Eden writes at her website.

Date Posted: Nov 10th, 2017