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trevin wax

“Readers and Writers” Episode 5 with Trevin Wax

The Scriptures do more than simply inform us. They form us….We won’t be faithful in the world we live in unless we are truly soaked, drenched in the story line of Scripture. (Trevin Wax) Unlocking the Bible continues to release weekly episodes of Readers and Writers with Colin Smith, a podcast […]
local church

Why At-Home Moms Need the Local Church

A few months ago I met a woman who was new to my city. We met at a popular play place for our kids and talked about the transition to a new town. While I moved here before I had kids, I know what it’s like to be newer to […]

The Gospel Is More Powerful Than You Think

A while back, I was sitting in a weekend class when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the news about the bombings and shootings in Paris. During our dinner break, I sat down at a McDonalds and watched CNN as they reported on the ongoing hostage crises in […]
wrongfully blamed

15 Prayers for the Wrongfully Blamed

Have you been wrongfully blamed? Or have you been misunderstood for your intentions? Pray with me: 1. You see me. God, thank you for seeing me. I know that you are always right, true, and just. You see me, and you see when my heart is loving you through what […]
Christian leader

When a Christian Leader Fails You

Leaders in the church aren’t exempt from sin. No one is. We don’t expect perfect people to lead our congregations, create our resources, and speak into our culture. But we do expect them to uphold the Bible’s authority. We do want them to remain faithful to Christ. So what are […]
faith is shaken

When Your Faith Is Shaken

What makes you question your faith? A crisis, chronic condition, daily drudgery, or something else? If you experience a season when your faith is shaken, you’re not alone. At least three Bible heroes faced a crisis of faith. In each case, Christ intervened and transformed dark moments of questioning, cynicism, […]