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Seven Strategies for Handling Hostile People

In 1 Samuel 13, we read how Samuel the prophet anointed David to be King Saul’s successor. David worked for Saul first as a musician, and then as a military commander. David gave the best and the most loyal service, but Saul was not pleased with anything he did. And […]

The True Colors of Perfectionism

I brushed the last of the dirt, sawdust, and fur into the dust pan, gently flicking it along. My back was sore from sweeping, but my desire for spotless floors overcame it. Back aching, I walked over to the window and pushed the curtains open. I turned around to examine […]
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For the Lord Your God Is With You

In the book of Joshua, God gives Joshua the same promise that Jesus gives to his followers in Matthew 28: And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. (v. 20) The Lord pairs his promise to Joshua with a command: Be strong and courageous. Do […]
book briefs

Book Briefs: Heaven, So Near – So Far

Editor’s Note: Today we’re beginning a new series, “Book Briefs,” to help you stock your reading pile with excellent, gospel-centered books. Tim Augustyn, our Pastor of Ministry Resources, reads a ton (you should see his bookshelves!) and will use this series to share a brief summary of titles he’s read, […]
Key Connections

Key Connections (April 20, 2018)

If You Love God, Listen to Him: Five Reasons to Read the Bible Every Day (Jimmy Needham, Desiring God) If we want to be about the work of God, we must first be about the word of God. God’s word reveals to us his priorities and values. It shows us what breaks […]

The Seven Bitter Fruits of Sin

I was having breakfast with someone who was witnessing to a colleague at work. “You know, Colin,” he said, “this guy lives like the devil, but he is good at heart.” I said, “Wait a minute. How can he be good at heart if he lives like the devil? Surely, […]