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Finding Purity in Jesus Christ

Let’s begin with two stories. The first is about an innocent man who was falsely accused of a brutal killing. We’ll call him Bill. Bill happened to be at the scene of a crime and was picked up by the police. It was a case of mistaken identity. He was falsely accused and […]

Your Work Matters to God

Your work matters to God. Many people in the church suffer from a messed up, incomplete, or even harmful theology of work. Too often, we pastors have spent all of our time talking about the hours people are not working. But the reality is that most people spend most of […]

For When Your Thorn Acts Up

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about having a “thorn” in his flesh. He describes it as “a messenger of Satan” sent to “harass” him, and he says that he begged the Lord to take it from him multiple times (2 Corinthians 12:7-8). I’ve always wondered what the thorn was. Was […]
keep on pedaling

Keep on Pedaling

The doctor said, “The child has severe hemophilia.” In the crib looking up at me with charming brown eyes lay a beautiful baby boy. A “severe” hemophiliac. My son. Emotions swirled. “Are you sure?” I asked, feeling pathetic in the doctor’s eyes. “Yes,” he responded. Most things in life happen […]
the Bible

How the Bible Changes Christians

There are over 100 million copies of the Bible purchased each year, meaning that people are buying Bibles almost as fast as the number of children that are being born. Yet, despite the number of Bibles there are, I’m sure that many of us would agree that the world doesn’t […]
weary in serving

Five Keys to Perseverance When You Are Weary in Serving

Our family vacation could not have arrived at a better time. I was feeling worn out, discouraged, and depleted from the daily grind. Day in and day out, each 24-hour period seemed packed to the brim with activities, work, and other commitments. There never seemed to be enough time in […]