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daily devotional

Three Reasons to Use a Daily Devotional

Why use a daily devotional if we have all we need in the Bible? This is a really good question, and one believers should consider. After all, the Bible is God’s breathed-out Word of truth that is sufficient in itself for all of life and our pursuit of godliness (Heb. […]

Learning the Art of Contentment…and Discontentment

However much you have, there are others who have more. However little you have, there are others who have less. All of us have more than some other people. All of us have less than some other people. However much or little God has trusted to you, there will be […]

Hungry for the Bible in Budapest, Hungary

For the past week, a team of American students from The Orchard have been running an English camp in Budapest, Hungary for Hungarian students. Unlocking the Bible has had the privilege of partnering with this team by supplying them with Pastor Colin’s book 10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible in Hungarian through […]
small group

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Next Small Group Bible Study

Years ago, to choose a Bible study for a Sunday school class or small group, we simply walked into a local Christian bookstore and thumbed through the workbooks available on the shelf. The authors were familiar names, and their teachings easily matched one Christian denomination or another. Today, that selection […]
Jesus Christ

Who Then Is This Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is the primary message relayed throughout the Gospel of Mark: Jesus is one with the Father, God in the flesh, full of power and authority over nature, demons, disease, and even death. For many believers who have put their faith in Christ, Jesus’ […]
leadership lessons

Four Leadership Lessons from a King Who Finished Poorly

Unfortunately, we don’t have to look far to see failure in leadership. All leaders need to know what God wants them to do and not to do. The books of 1 and 2 Kings share many lessons on life and leadership from Israel’s many kings – the good, the bad, and the ugly. […]