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Savor What God is Giving You Now

This last weekend has refreshed a spirit of thanksgiving in me. It began with a funeral on Friday morning for Grace Wolgemuth who was translated peacefully into the presence of Christ at the age of 93, leaving a godly legacy to her six children, 20 grandchildren and, to date, 27 […]

Pumped Up About Prayer

A confession: Over the years I’ve found much of what I’ve read about prayer to be unhelpful. Last week I worked out why. Prayer is usually considered under the heading of ‘spiritual disciplines’ which makes it the spiritual equivalent of running on a treadmill or flossing your teeth. Viewing prayer […]

A Day at the Museum

I visited the Art Institute of Chicago Monday. Magnificent! And free during February, too! Going through the institute is like walking through history. We began by looking at art from before the Reformation. The works were filled with images depicting the birth and the crucifixion of Christ. Many paintings depicted scenes […]

Preaching as Worship

Yesterday, I was blessed by one of the most thoughtful, instructive and encouraging responses to a sermon I have ever heard.   It came from one of the most godly men I know: “Colin, thank you for the message today,” he said. “It was worship.” There are other words that might […]