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Three Reasons Why People Reject God | Video

In his recent sermon titled Hidden Hatred in the Human Heart, Pastor Colin Smith (@PastorColinS) shared three reasons that people reject Jesus Christ. Below is a video snapshot explaining why Christ is a stumbling block to many (full text below). People stumble over Christ’s teaching about: 1. His unique glory […]

What Type of Church to Attend | J.C. Ryle

This post is an excerpt from a sermon originally preached by J.C. Ryle titled “Forgiveness.” J.C. Ryle on choosing the right church: “You should seriously consider what kind of a ministry you are in the habit of attending, if you have a choice. You have reason indeed to be careful. […]

Five Reasons Why We Should Love the Genealogies of the Bible

Why did God include lengthy genealogies in the Bible? Was it to make us bored? Was it to laugh at us as we struggle to pronounce Hazarmaveth or Ge-harashim? While we can’t peek into the mind of God to know the exact reasons, there are several reasons that coming across […]

One Another Verses in the Bible

Those who believe in Jesus Christ have been “born again” as Scripture teaches in John 3:3. This means that the old way of life, filled with sin and selfishness that leads to death, is gone and the new way of life, that is characterized by a love for God and […]

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

This blog post’s purpose is to share 2012 highlights from Unlocking the Bible’s blog. You can also see 2012’s Top 10 Sermons by Pastor Colin Smith. 1. The Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ 2. 10 Practical Tips for How to Memorize Scripture Bonus: 10 Biblical Reasons for Memorizing […]

Christmas Bible Verses from the Old and New Testaments

The birth of Christ is one of the defining moments of history and is important for a number of reasons: It separates major eras in world history (the dating system BC/AD standing for “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” which means the year of our Lord) Christmas shows God’s faithfulness to […]