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bread of life

Be Nourished by the Bread of Life

About four years ago, I experienced my first full-blown panic attack. Those experiences accumulated, and I grew to have increasing difficulty with leaving my home. I remember willfully dumping myself into the passenger seat to be driven to my parents’ nearby home—only to feel an urgent pull two minutes later […]
truth will set you free

The Truth Will Set You Free

The question what is truth? is more relevant today than ever. You would think that with all our easy access to information and expert opinions, we would know the truth— Yet the opposite is true. We have trouble recognizing real news from fake, trusted sources from clickbait. No one has time to investigate […]
God promises

Do You Expect More Than God Promises?

We sat in amazement, shocked by the unexpected blessing the Lord provided for our family right before Christmas. After going into this season with the hard reality of no income and the heavy weight of trials, we had accepted the fact that this Christmas would contain few gifts and activities, […]
Bible resources

Key Connections (June 8, 2017)

Morning Bible Reading and Manna for Today (Lore Ferguson Wilbert, Sayable) My daily routine (right now) looks like this…Take what helps you, leave what doesn’t. Why Do We Lie? (Ryan Reeves, The Gospel Coalition) We are all familiar with lying. Each of us has told a lie. But what is the […]
prophetic scripture

The Prophetic Tapestry of Scripture

The Hebrew Scriptures contain prophecies about Jesus beyond counting. If you do a Google search, you will get a number of at least 300, a figure I deem conservative. But many of these individual prophecies also intertwine, creating a still richer tapestry, that I would consider the Hebrew Scriptures in […]
hurting people

Three Untruths You’ve Probably Said to Hurting People

Christians like to encourage people. This is a great thing. When someone we care about is hurting or enduring trials, we are quick to give words of encouragement and comfort. When we are suffering, others are generous to do the same for us. But an important question regarding this is, […]