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Key Connections

Key Connections (April 6, 2018)

If They Fell, So Can You: How Sin Seduced the Strongest, Wisest, and Godliest (Garrett Kell, Desiring God) If Satan cannot tempt you into a great sin, he will settle for a small one, because he knows that small sins pave the way to greater ones. Callousness grows in small degrees. […]

Four Things People Often Miss About Judas (and What We Can Learn from Them)

James tells us that the “double-minded man [is] unstable in all of his ways” (James 1:8). That is a very good description of Judas. He was double-minded, and in the end, the faith that he once professed he abandoned completely. Here are four things that are commonly overlooked when it […]

Why the Psalms Make Me Worship

“I always compare this Psalm to a lark,” Charles Spurgeon wrote about Psalm 23, “It begins on the ground among the sheep, but it goes up till you may hear its blessed notes echoing among the stars.” What are the Psalms if not blessed notes that sing of a limitless […]

From Fear to Peace: Three Truths to Fight Fear

I sat in my car as monsoon rains poured down on our little island in the East China Sea, while my husband was on the other side of the world, preaching at his mother’s funeral. A few years prior, ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) set in, ravaging her […]

Make a Fool of Yourself

April 1 exploits them. The book of Proverbs warns against them. The Apostle Paul says to become one— But how exactly do we become fools for Christ? I must confess that, while it can be fun with the right people, April Fool’s Day has never been my favorite holiday. It’s […]
Key Connections

Key Connections (March 30, 2018)

Comparison Is Not the Thief of Joy (Abigail Dodds, Desiring God) The Bible even assumes that some will be more Christlike and mature than others. Noticing these things isn’t a sin, but a gift, and it need not lead to the evaporation of our joy, but can be the water for […]