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  • sharing passion jesus christ colin smith

    Sharing the Passion of Jesus Christ – CD

    Many Christians see the church through the eyes of the world. What if you could see the church through the eyes of Christ? In the eyes of the world, the church is weak, ineffective, and out of touch. In the eyes of Christ, the church is uniquely precious, supremely valuable, […]

  • 500-Snapshots-prt1

    Snapshots of a Godly Life, Part 1

    Joseph is presented to us in the Bible as a model of the godly life. Nothing bad is ever said about him. Joseph, no doubt, had his faults and failings like any of us, but the Bible passes over them because the point of his story is to spotlight how God […]

  • 500-Snapshots-prt2

    Snapshots of a Godly Life, Part 2

    In Part 1, we followed the story of Joseph, the loved and favored son, who was hated and despised, and sold into slavery by his brothers. But God lifted him up and he became the governor of Egypt. Joseph points us to Jesus who suffered and died on the cross, […]

  • Sold Out - 500W

    Sold Out for Christ and His Kingdom – CD

    What has God done for you? What can you do for Him? How do you know what God wants you to do, and then how can you actually do it? Discover the joy of being sold out for Christ and His Kingdom. Sermon Titles: 1. A Life Dedicated to the […]

  • SC-P2-500

    Soul Care, Part 2 – Four Friends for Your Soul

    Pastor Colin introduces you to four friends for your soul, honored guests who come into your inner life and stay there: The Son of God, the Word of God, the fear of God, and the love of God. If you want to keep your heart right, you must make room […]

  • Standing Firm - 500W

    Standing Firm on the Darkest Day of Your Life – CD

    Faced with indescribable pain and unanswerable questions, Job turned to God and his darkest day became the defining moment of his life. These messages from Job will help you find hope in Christ, in the darkest experiences of your life. Sermon Titles: 1. Suffering (Job 1) 2. Resurrection (Job 19) […]