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  • WhatCanGodDoCross_CD

    What Can God Do With a Cross? – CD

    Pressures in business, tensions at home, conflict everywhere. That’s our world, and sometimes it’s hard to see how the Cross could really be relevant. The Bible presents the Cross as the place where God addresses the greatest issues of our lives and the greatest issues of our world. Discover what […]

  • What is an Evangelical - 500W

    What Is an Evangelical? – CD

    “What is an Evangelical?” gets to the heart of the Christian faith. Clearly presented and vividly illustrated, these six messages will help new Christians get a firm grasp of their faith and refresh those who have long treasured the good news of Jesus Christ. Sermon Titles: 1. Our Authority: Scripture Alone […]

  • WhoIsJesus-CD

    Who Is Jesus? – CD

    A good teacher, a great prophet, the Son of God. There are many opinions about Jesus, but only one that really matters. Seven hundred years before the birth of Jesus, God spoke through the prophet Isaiah about a child who would be born. God described Him as “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, […]

  • why Jesus came colin smith

    Why Jesus Came – CD

    Why did Jesus come…and what does this have to do with you? We find Jesus’ mission statement in Luke 4: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners […]

  • withchristintheschoolorprayer500-jpg

    With Christ in the School of Prayer – CD

    Suppose you had a once-in-a-lifetime audience with God later on this week. This would be the most important conversation, not only of the week, but of your entire life! What would you ask him? What would you tell him? You would definitely want to prepare for this meeting. Did you […]

  • Faith Cover 500x500

    Words of Faith

    READINGS FROM THE SCRIPTURES by Colin and Karen Smith Confidence in God’s Care (Matthew 6:25-34) God’s Promises in Prayer (Mark 11:22-25) Applying your Faith (Luke 8:22-25) The Challenge of Forgiving (Luke 17:1-6) Christ’s Prayers for Us (Luke 22:24-32) The Name of Jesus (John 14:1-14) Right with God by Faith from […]

  • Hope Cover 500x500

    Words of Hope

    READINGS FROM THE PSALMS God’s Word gives us strength and encouragement for every circumstance in life. This compilation of readings from the Psalms, these “words of hope,” will provide refreshment for your soul. Over a musical backdrop, these scriptures are beautifully read by Karen Smith, as Colin shares helpful insights on […]

  • Worship

    Worship: What We Do and Why We Do It – CD

    Every Sunday morning, millions of believers gather for worship. We sing, pray, give, preach, baptize and share the Lord’s Supper. That’s what we do, but why do we do it? This series will help you get beyond the discussion of worship style, and help you to explore the spiritual values […]