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  • Take Two - 500w

    Take Two: The Power of a Fresh Start – CD

    You already have faith, so what’s it going to take for you to become a man or a woman on a mission? You have been shaped by faith and the tendencies and fears of your parents. But now God is calling you. It’s your moment of opportunity. You need to […]

  • Team Players - 500W

    Team Players: God’s Model for Effective Teamwork – CD

    There is One God. He is Father Son and Spirit. One God. Three Persons. The Divine Team. All of God’s works are accomplished by the Father, the Son and the Spirit acting in unity. That’s why watching God at work gives us a perfect model for effective teamwork in marriage, […]

  • 500x500-10-Greatest-Struggles

    The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life – CD

    Every day is full of struggles. We struggle with time, we struggle with truth and authority. We struggle for peace and for purity and contentment…and that’s just the beginning. God speaks to us about these struggles that put us to the test each and every day in the Ten Commandments. […]

  • 10-greatest-audio-book-cover

    The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life Audio Book

    Can the Ten Commandments help you finally break through? Do you struggle with busyness? With a temper? With dishonesty or discontentment? Whatever it is, find help where it may surprise you: the Ten Commandments. In The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life, Pastor Colin Smith opens up the Ten Commandments […]

  • 500x500-TheArtOfContentment-cd-

    The Art of Contentment

    Contentment does not mean that you are indifferent to your circumstances. It means that you are not controlled by your circumstances. Contentment is about moving from anger to peace, from frustration to satisfaction, and from anxiety to trust. The apostle Paul says that he “learned” the secret of contentment, and […]

  • Heart of the Gospel - 500W

    The Heart of the Gospel – CD

    Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Powerless? You need to grasp the heart of the gospel. In this short series, Pastor Colin explores the three central mysteries of the Christian faith. God is with us through Jesus who was born in the manger. God is for us through Jesus who died […]

  • Inside Story human Life colin smith

    The Inside Story of Human Life – CD

    Once you admit there’s evil, and that it’s in human beings…you have to ask how it got there. What is your explanation of evil? Many people will tell you that it is social, educational, or economic. But acts of great evil are committed by the rich as well as the […]