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  • Restore My Soul – CD

    What if your heart cried out to God? What if all our hearts cried out for revival? The church and the world would never be the same. In this series you’ll discover nine heart-cries for revival. Each one is an expression of God’s heart for His people. As they become […]

  • Restored! – CD

    You’ve lost it and you can’t get it back. It’s gone. Now how are you going to live with that? We can restore all kinds of things – a car, a house, furniture – but the one thing we can’t restore is time. Yet, God says to his people in […]

  • rock solid

    Rock Solid: 7 Promises Christ Makes to You – CD

    When Jesus makes a commitment…you can be certain that He will keep it. What can you be sure of in this uncertain world? The promises of Jesus. Examine seven things that Jesus has said He will do. As you take hold of these promises for yourself and focus on what […]

  • Snapshots of a Godly Life, Part 1

    Joseph is presented to us in the Bible as a model of the godly life. Nothing bad is ever said about him. Joseph, no doubt, had his faults and failings like any of us, but the Bible passes over them because the point of his story is to spotlight how God […]

  • Snapshots of a Godly Life, Part 2

    In Part 1, we followed the story of Joseph, the loved and favored son, who was hated and despised, and sold into slavery by his brothers. But God lifted him up and he became the governor of Egypt. Joseph points us to Jesus who suffered and died on the cross, […]

  • Sold Out for Christ and His Kingdom – CD

    What has God done for you? What can you do for Him? How do you know what God wants you to do, and then how can you actually do it? Discover the joy of being sold out for Christ and His Kingdom. Sermon Titles: 1. A Life Dedicated to the […]