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  • Battles from the Boardroom of the Soul 500W

    Battles From the Boardroom of the Soul – CD

    There’s a battle going on in the boardroom of your soul. Meet the six members of the board. Their names are Mind, Heart, Will, Conscience, Memory, and Imagination. They meet in secret to hammer out the great issues of your life, and the outcome will determine your future. Sermon Titles: […]

  • BeYourself500

    Be Yourself- CD

    Authentic Christianity is about being who you are. What happened when you became a Christian? What changed? What stayed the same? Discover your new identity in Christ. Sermon Titles: 1. You are Clean: Even Though You Still Sin (1 Corinthians 1:30) 2. You are Free: Even Though You Still Struggle […]

  • Changing-Directions-500

    Changing Direction – CD

    How can you break free from patterns of repeated failure? Changing direction is more than being sorry. In Psalm 51, after David was confronted by Nathan about his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, David penned probably the greatest expression of genuine repentance that has ever been written. In this series, we’ll […]

  • Christian Certainties - 500W

    Christian Certainties – CD

    God wants us to enjoy our relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ . But how can we get to the point where we can really say with Paul that we rejoice in God? Sermon Titles: 1. Peace with God 2. Access to Grace 3. The Hope of Glory […]

  • Christian Counter Culture - 500W

    Christian Counter Culture – CD

    God wants the church to be different. In this series, Pastor Colin sets out four key distinctives of the Church in our 21st century: Calling the Church to rediscover the value of family worship; Encouraging believers to discover and use their spiritual gifts; Setting out the distinctive message the Church […]

  • Christmas Stories - 500W

    Christmas Stories – CD

    Christmas Stories brings a fresh perspective on the birth of Jesus as seen through the eyes of those who were there! Speaking in the first person voice of characters such as Joseph, Herod, the Angels, and others, Pastor Colin recalls the story of the coming of Jesus and the hope […]

  • Close Encounters Cover

    Close Encounters with the Living God – CD

    In a time of crisis, God gets your attention. A crisis has a way of bringing new clarity. It can clear away the fog and show us that we desperately need a close encounter with the living God. The prophet Micah brought God’s Word to His people in a time […]

  • ConvenientlyNeglected500

    Conveniently Neglected Teachings of Jesus – CD

    “Why do you call me Lord and do not do what I say?” Jesus’ question confronts us with the challenge of living an authentic Christian life. In this series, Pastor Colin explores some teachings of Jesus that are often conveniently neglected even by His followers today. Authentic Christianity goes beyond […]

  • Darkness-before-the-dawn-500x500

    Darkness Before the Dawn

    The night when Jesus was betrayed, arrested, scourged and condemned was the Darkness Before the Dawn. The night before our Lord Jesus was crucified was an extraordinary night! It began with the Lord’s Supper. Then Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he prayed. Then, Judas arrived with a […]

  • Dealing with a Difficult Person - 500W

    Dealing with a Difficult Person – CD

    Is there a difficult person in your life? Have you ever wondered how to deal with someone who is unreasonable, demanding, deceptive, and sometimes downright hostile? In this series, you’ll discover the godly wisdom of Samuel and David as they dealt with the highly volatile and unpredictable King Saul. You’ll […]