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  • DeckchairTitanic2013500

    Deckchairs on the Titanic: How to Avoid a Plunge to Disaster – CD

    Discover how to navigate through the hazardous waters of your life…from the stories of eight men who took a plunge to disaster. Cain, Esau, Balaam, Korah, Sampson, Absalom, Jehoiakim, and Judas all believed in God and came to worship. Like passengers on the Titanic, their lives were sailing along and […]

  • DontLoseHeart500

    Don’t Lose Heart

    It’s easy to lose heart with all the difficulties of life in the body, the feeling that what you do may not have any lasting significance or value, the harsh judgments that other people may make about you, the disappointments that come in the plan you had for your life, […]

  • Everything You Need for Life - 500W

    Everything You Need For Life – CD

    Everything You Need For Life? Isn’t that a bit pretentious? Discover the Bible’s extraordinary claim about life in Jesus Christ. Most church-going people would agree that Jesus Christ has everything you need for faith. But many of the same people are not so sure that He has everything you need […]

  • Facing the Cross Cover

    Facing the Cross – CD

    Jesus was accused, abused, and alone – but right in the center of the will of God. This series takes us to the heart of the Christian faith that Jesus faced false accusation, intimidation and violence. Judas betrayed Him, His disciples deserted Him, Peter denied Him, and at the depth […]

  • Faith for Fractured Families colin smith

    Faith for Fractured Families CD

    There is a story of hope in the Bible for every person whose struggles are rooted in their family of origin. If you were to try and write a book called, “Model Families of the Bible,” it would be a very short book. There are no picture-perfect families. But the […]

  • A Generous Life Cover 6.7x6

    Generous Life – CD

    If giving was a matter of the law, then generosity would be impossible. Jesus Christ came into the world joyfully. No one forced Him to come. He gave Himself freely, at His own immeasurable cost. Find out why He became poor, and what this means for you. Sermon Titles: 1. […]