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  • Twisted People Cover 500x500

    God Who Straightens Out Twisted People – CD

    It is fascinating, and in some ways rather frightening, that many of our characteristics were determined even before we were born. Early life experiences also have a powerful influence in shaping the people we become. So what hope is there for a man who was born a fighter, and whose […]

  • Godly Character - 500W

    Godly Character-CD

    What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart? Where can a woman find a satisfying life that is pleasing to the Lord? God said that David was a man after His own heart, but David committed adultery. Being a man after God’s heart does not mean […]

  • good-news-cover-6-7x6

    Good News About God’s Son – CD

    Christianity is unlike any other religion…because Jesus Christ is unlike any other person. The Son of God has done what no other man could do, living a sinless life. Jesus offered what no other man could offer, laying His sinless life down as a sacrifice for the sins of others. […]

  • Goespel According to Jesus 2 - 500W

    Gospel According to Jesus – God’s People (2) – CD

    This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Mark’s gospel. Encounter Jesus as Lord of life. Discovering who Jesus is and what he has accomplished, you will find yourself drawn to follow Him along with his first disciples. Sermon Titles (Part 2): 1. Jesus Overcomes Resistance in His People […]

  • Goespel According to Jesus 3 - 500W

    Gospel According to Jesus – God’s Salvation (3) – CD

    What did it mean for Jesus to give his life a ransom for many? In Part 3 of this series through Mark’s gospel, we’ll explore Jesus’ death and resurrection, and discover what he accomplished. You’ll find new joy in the salvation Jesus came to bring. Sermon Titles (Part 3): 1. […]

  • Goespel According to Jesus 1 - 500W

    Gospel According to Jesus – God’s Son (1) – CD

    This series takes you on a journey through The Gospel of Mark, where you will encounter Jesus Christ the Son of God. Discovering who Jesus is, and what He has accomplished, you will find yourself drawn to follow Him along with his first disciples. Sermon Titles (Part 1): 1. Jesus […]

  • Grasping the Gospel Cover 6.7x6

    Grasping the Gospel – CD

    Your past is forgiven and your future is secure… but how can you face the challenges of life today? Many Christians have grasped that the gospel is about forgiveness for their past sins and security for their eternal future, but they haven’t grasped the power and presence of Christ in […]

  • Heaven and Hell colin smith

    Heaven & Hell – CD

    Heaven is more wonderful and hell more dreadful than you ever imagined. Every person who has ever lived will personally experience either heaven or hell! So what will heaven be like? Are there really flames in hell? How could I be happy in heaven if someone I love is not […]

  • 500x500Heaven

    Heaven – CD

    People sometimes talk about living your best life now, but if you’re a Christian, you cannot possibly live your best life now! All that you enjoy in this life, and all that you have in this world through faith in Jesus Christ, is just a foretaste of the joys to […]