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Five Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About Marriage

My wife, Jen, and I recently celebrated 16 years of marriage. I guess we can’t be labeled “newlyweds,” and we aren’t exactly “veterans” yet, but 16 years does give us a unique position to help those who are just beginning or close to their wedding date. We aren’t so far […]

Key Connections

Key Connections (February 23, 2018)

At Home in Wakanda (Greg Morse, Desiring God) In God’s coming Wakanda, he offers something even greater than the world of Black Panther: a unity made perfect through diversity. The different colors will complete the painting. The different notes will strike the chord. The eye will join with the nose and […]


The Honor of Biblical Submission

The God like us – stunning. Descending from majesty. Grappling with the confines of flesh, with skin and hands. Hearing others’ voices through two ears and having blood pump through a heart roughly the same size as mine. He knew the onslaught of grief, with all looming darkness, at Gethsemane. […]

Fear Man

The Fear of Man Will Crush You

Earlier this year, my right thumb started hurting. I can’t remember any fall or trauma that caused the problem, but I winced every time I had to grip or press with my thumb. Shaking hands became especially painful. One evening, I was hosting an honor society induction at my college. […]

Social Media

Three Searching Questions to Ask Yourself About Social Media

From political arguments with family and friends, time-sucking Facebook snooping, unhealthy comparisons, and TMI moments, most of us have witnessed the ugly side of social media. But what are the driving forces behind what we share, write, and comment on, and why do we feel the urge to compulsively check […]

fight Comparison

Seven Habits to Help You Fight Comparison

“If only” are two of the deadliest words in a Christian’s vocabulary. If only I looked like her. If only I had as much money as him. If only my kids were as well-behaved as theirs. If only I could speak, work, cook, travel, think, do, be like someone else. […]


Are You Actually a Christian?

How many people do you know who identify as Christian, yet lack any real sense of living for Christ? We all know, and pray we are not, the type. They call themselves Christians if asked what their religious preference is, but when you examine their lives, there’s little evidence of […]


When You Feel Misunderstood

Moses heard God’s voice. He stepped closer, onto holy ground. From what he saw, he hid his face. God spoke, telling Moses he had seen the suffering of his people, and God commissioned Moses to deliver them from Pharaoh. Moses humbly responded, “Who am I?” Who was he to have […]


Four Qualities Every Christian Should Pursue

A few weeks ago, I was a guest speaker at a church. I soon learned how the church saw every churchgoer as a minister of the gospel, holding the same vision as staff members. I thought that inclusion was a neat way to express a biblical concept that every church member […]

How to Inherit: An Allegory from Downton Abbey

My husband and I have enjoyed watching the PBS show Downton Abbey, which finished with its final episode in March. The season finale culminated in the glamorous and happy news that characters Edith and Bertie would finally marry. When the viewers meet Bertie, he is the agent of the Brancastor […]

God’s Blessing Is More Than a Polite Wish

It is a familiar phrase: “God bless you.” Simple, direct, and intensely personal, it is more than sentiment; it is a theological act with potential to convey hope. We wish people God’s blessing so they will experience God’s blessing. When we say “God bless you,” the subject is always God. […]

jerry bridges

How to Preach the Gospel to Yourself: An Interview with Jerry Bridges

The beloved Jerry Bridges went to be with the Lord on March 6, 2016 after suffering from heart failure. Until his final day, Jerry was spending himself for the gospel, visiting churches and teaching God’s people what it means to preach the gospel to themselves. He made one such visit […]

misplaced identity

The Remedy for our Misplaced Identity

That’s all he wanted – one look at his Santa hat. It had been a rough December night. At dinner earlier that evening, and against my better judgment, I had let our kids choose between drinking Sprite and Mr. Pibb. (Yes, I know the caffeine content, hence the bad night.) […]

The Goat of Your Guilt Is Gone

Sometimes I need a goat. Not just any goat. A scapegoat — like the one described in Leviticus 16. On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, Israel’s high priest, Aaron, brought two goats into the tabernacle courtyard and presented them to the Lord at the entrance of the tabernacle (v7). […]

biblical womanhood

Three Traits of Biblical Womanhood

Over five years ago, I sat alone in a small, cold, quiet room in the back of the doctor’s office. The doctor shared with me some test results, about which I was rather hopeful and optimistic, when I heard his words: “You have a one to two percent chance of […]

less stuff

Less Stuff, More God

“Just simplify your life. Then you will be happy.” I often hear those words strung throughout social media, whether in a new Facebook challenge to get rid of “forty bags in forty days” or an article sharing the latest organization tips and tricks. There is even a book on the […]


Finding Purity in Jesus Christ

Let’s begin with two stories. The first is about an innocent man who was falsely accused of a brutal killing. We’ll call him Bill. Bill happened to be at the scene of a crime and was picked up by the police. It was a case of mistaken identity. He was falsely accused and […]

10 Factors that Distinguish Us According to the Flesh

What does it mean to regard someone according to the flesh? 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 says: From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he […]