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am I called to plant a church

Am I Called to Plant a Church?

Over the past few months, my wife, Kristen, and I have been discerning our call to plant a church. Nine personal experiences have stood out to us. I decided to write them down for my benefit, and then realized they might be helpful for other people too. So, are you […]


How the Reformation Sparked Evangelism

Wherever the gospel is recovered, you get a new momentum in relation to missions-evangelism….What we need is people who are captivated by the gospel. Then we’re going to see an advance in missions. (Colin Smith) Next year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In a video produced by […]

mission trip

Three Reasons to Go on a Mission Trip

A few years back my wife and I took our first mission trip to Romania. Before we departed we were filled with expectations, uncertainty, and more than a little trepidation. What if we failed to live up to our call to minister to our Romanian brothers and sisters? What if […]

Hungry for the Bible in Budapest, Hungary

For the past week, a team of American students from The Orchard have been running an English camp in Budapest, Hungary for Hungarian students. Unlocking the Bible has had the privilege of partnering with this team by supplying them with Pastor Colin’s book 10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible in Hungarian through […]


Something More Important Than Your Freedom

What is the most amazing story you’ve ever heard? This one is at the top of my list, and it is anything but normal: About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that […]

Christian martyrs

Yet More News of Christian Martyrs: What Can We Do?

In the last few days, we have heard of yet more Christian martyrs in the news.  Twenty-one people were beheaded in Libya because they were “people of the cross.”  News like this, it seems, is increasingly common, and scholars have shown that this perception is, in fact, true. Our hearts […]

citizens of heaven

Citizens of Heaven…and Political Protesters?

Jesus didn’t come to set up a government on earth, and his Church’s mission isn’t to set up a utopia through political means.  However, it’s an unavoidable fact that Christians live, minister, and perhaps even vote in various political systems.  And so, as citizens of a heavenly kingdom and exiles […]