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Grasping the Gospel

The world needs people who delight in the gospel, rather than in themselves or in their church.

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What Are You Saying?

Grasping the Gospel

Have you found victory in Christ, or do you still see yourself as a slave to sin? Victory begins with believing you can prevail by the grace of God.[…]

We Have No Right

Grasping the Gospel

What gives us the right to foist our Christian beliefs on those who have their own cultures and traditions?[…]

Quit Believing

Grasping the Gospel

Are you truly trusting Christ to give you life, or are you still seeking to  save yourself through a good life and being active in the church?[…]

Like a Game of Pool

Grasping the Gospel

Christ did not come along like a cue ball, touching us long enough to save us, then sending us off to attempt a righteous life on our own.[…]

It Wasn’t Invented

Grasping the Gospel

Would you stake your life on the gospel as the revelation of Jesus Christ, or was it merely an invention of men?[…]