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Start with the Bible

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When looking for a church, remember that it’s God’s household. Learn what he wants in a church, then find one that’s passionate about pursuing what’s important to him.

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Standing by Grace

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Is God’s grace a past experience in your life, or are you still mindful of your need for a Savior? The reality is that we never outgrow our need for[…]


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The American dream for retirement seems to be making enough to spend your golden years with no responsibilities. Maybe it’s time for a new vision![…]

Remember Your Sins R...

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Are you bored with the Christian walk? Try counting back to yourself all of the sins God has forgiven for you. Let that knowledge fuel your love for Christ.[…]

Read the New Testame...

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Sometimes it’s good to do things backwards. If we start with a New Testament principle, then look to the Old Testament to flesh it out, we’ll find a treasure of[…]

People Like You

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Heaven holds a place for all types of people, from all walks of life. Can you picture yourself among them?[…]