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Responding to a Lost Soul in The Polar Vortex

During the record breaking cold temperatures of the recent polar vortex, I was attending the 2019 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In one session, the conference host brought some levity by quoting a line from Psalms: Who can stand before [the LORD’s] cold? (Psalm 147:17) At first a light-hearted comment, I later encountered the sobering reality of the verse. A man in...

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Discouragement May Lead You to Three Temptations

As a freelance writer, I get numerous rejections from editors who are not interested in the articles I’ve written for their publication. There are times when I become very discouraged and wonder, “What’s going on? Why aren't my articles getting accepted? I don’t understand, God!” Can you relate to my discouragement? Maybe yours is the result of something...

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