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Episode #1: Breakfast with the Devil, Supper with the Savior

March 5, 2015

What if you woke up one morning knowing it was your last day on earth?

This was the reality of the thief on the cross who hung directly next to Jesus, experiencing all the events of the crucifixion and all the joys of eternity in the same day.

Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story of the Thief on the Cross is the thief’s story, told in his own words, on the day that changed his eternity. Written by Pastor Colin Smith, the short 96-page book is compelling, unique, and deeply applicable for every reader.

Our team sat down with Pastor Colin to talk more in-depth about why he wrote this particular story:

Well, just that amazing transformation! Imagine this guy – he begins the day, and it’s going to be the most painful, the darkest, the most hopeless day of his life. He awakens in absolute darkness and he ends the day in the presence of Jesus Christ, who saves him as he puts his trust in Jesus while he’s actually on the cross. That transformation is absolutely remarkable. To me, it’s the story that most clearly in all of the Bible tells how a person can get into heaven, how a person who’s absolutely hopeless and facing darkness, can find life and can find hope in Jesus Christ.

The Author
Kristen Wetherell

Kristen Wetherell is a writer and Bible teacher. She has previously served as content manager of Unlocking the Bible. She is the author, along with Sarah Walton, of Hope When It Hurts: Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God’s Purpose in Your Suffering (The Good Book Company, April 2017). She blogs at her website, and you can follow her on Twitter. She and her husband Brad are parents to their sweet daughter and members of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church in Itasca, Ill.

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