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Why We Work for Unlocking the Bible

December 8, 2015

A zealous man in religion is pre-eminently a man of one thing. It is not enough to say that he is earnest, hearty, uncompromising, thorough-going, whole-hearted, fervent in spirit. He sees one thing, he cares for one thing, he lives for one thing, he is swallowed-up in one thing — and that one thing is to please God…and to advance God’s glory. (J.C Ryle, emphasis mine)

If we are commanded in Scripture to do everything for the glory of God (Colossians 3:23), then that surely includes the way we do our jobs. To put our hands to the plow for the work of Christ might look different in one-hundred ways, from home-making to finance, from hospitality to management, from teaching to missions, and the list continues. But the one thing that remains the same for every believer is the goal of advancing God’s glory.

Christian, because you have been purchased by Christ, your work has also been purchased by him. Your work is no longer about you, whether you are trading stocks or homeschooling your children, and you have been freed from seeking your identity in it! The vocation that God has ordained for you is a part of his plan for your life, his divine purpose to make disciples of all nations, and his rightful interest to exalt his own glory.

No matter where he has positioned you, if you woke up with breath in your lungs today, your purpose is not yet complete, and God desires that you would be faithful to him exactly where you are.

Here at Unlocking the Bible, our desire is to see people put their faith in Christ as a result of hearing the gospel through “The Power of the Open Book.” At our team meetings on Thursdays, ten of us work busily around the conference table, as we continually ask, “What more can we do to put the gospel within peoples’ grasp?”  

Take two minutes to watch the video above, as we share what motivates our team every day to do what we do. It is through your generosity and support that we are enabled to continue advancing God’s glory by delivering impactful Bible teaching through modern media.

If you would like to partner with us in the work that God is doing, would you consider a year-end gift?

The Author
Kristen Wetherell

Kristen Wetherell is a writer and Bible teacher. She has previously served as content manager of Unlocking the Bible. She is the author, along with Sarah Walton, of Hope When It Hurts: Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God’s Purpose in Your Suffering (The Good Book Company, April 2017). She blogs at her website, and you can follow her on Twitter. She and her husband Brad are parents to their sweet daughter and members of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church in Itasca, Ill.

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