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How to Use Apologetics to Glorify Jesus

Faith is wonderful, and doubt may not always be against it. Sometimes, it is the beginning of learning. New questions can be a good thing—the laying of foundation for faith. When you hear something—an opinion, an argument, a gauntlet phrase—that makes you doubt what the Bible says, the best thing...

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Looking unto Jesus Our Savior (Isaac Ambrose)

[Editorial Note: Throughout the month of April, we’ll replace our normal Key Connections with one Key Connection from the Puritan era. Today, we have an excerpt from Isaac Ambrose’s Looking unto Jesus. This is an edited and condensed excerpt, and you can find the original here.]  The most excellent subject to [talk...

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A Primer for Inviting People to Church

Since it is Easter time, people may be more interested in church than they are during other times in the year. I want to share Christ with my friends, family, or neighbors by inviting them to church, don’t you?   It’s a hard thing to do. We may fear that the people we...

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Hope Good Friday Brings to All Believers

In church on Good Friday, readers gave voice to the account of the crucifixion. But I scarcely wanted to listen as the stripes, the crown of thorns, and more were made audible. I diverted eye contact.   Hearing the suffering of my precious Lord brings sorrow. Perhaps this reflects, in a...

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