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What Will Come of Your Faithfulness? 

When you fight temptation, you might ask yourself: Does it really matter? Two things here–one you can guess, the other you cannot imagine.  The Part You Can Guess  The part you can guess is that faithfulness will not be easy. Joseph must have known that his faithfulness would be costly. It was not beyond...

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Reread Scripture to Remember Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves me.   This simple sentence can sometimes be an overwhelming thought. God became a human, like me. He understands my sorrows, and died for my sins so that I might be united with Him in glory. Not only glory, but also His Spirit dwells with me now and currently guides, encourages,...

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Three Ways Authenticity Can Be Dangerous

A buzzword in certain Christian circles is authenticity, a quality both Millennials and GenZs value and desire in the church. The word suggests genuineness and integrity, qualities that describe faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. But this drive for authenticity can be dangerous, if it isn't grounded in the gospel. The...

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