Month: August 2018


Five Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About Marriage

My wife, Jen, and I recently celebrated 16 years of marriage. I guess we can’t be labeled “newlyweds,” and we aren’t exactly “veterans” yet, but 16 years does give us a unique position to help those who are just beginning or close to their wedding date. We aren’t so far […]


How to Make Sense of Confusing Bible Passages

What in the world? I was reading Psalm 128 and I thought, Surely this passage is used to promote the prosperity gospel: Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord,    who walks in his ways! You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;    you shall be blessed, and […]

Key Connections

Key Connections (August 17, 2018)

Here are your Key Connections for the week! Make ‘God Talk’ An Everyday Part Of Family Life (Julie Melillie, The Gospel Coalition) Christian parents are instructed to disciple their children (Matt. 28:19); thankfully, though, a theology degree isn’t required. Understand the basics of the gospel—what God did for you and […]


What Is the Church?

The first time I thought about this question seriously was with a group of friends in the junior common room of the London Bible College. We were students who loved the Lord, and we were all studying theology. We met together for worship and prayer. We shared fellowship. We were […]


Six Ways to Prepare Young Christians for Dating

Three months ago I went on my first date. I planned my outfit days in advance. My mom took pictures of me. My stomach was a knot of nervous (and excited) anticipation. My date and I had been friends for a while and we both liked each other, so it […]


The Place of Perfection In the Christian Life

Perfectionists don’t settle for anything less than perfect. We desire perfect relationships, to meet specific goals, and to reach a certain standard. Yet when conflict comes, we withdraw in hopelessness. When we fail, we beat ourselves up. And if we don’t reach the standard we set for ourselves, we determine […]

Sharing the Gospel

How to Get Over Your Fear of Sharing the Gospel

“I shared the gospel _____ times this week.” Each Sunday at church, we pass down the pews sign-in sheets containing this line. It’s an opportunity for us as a church to celebrate and encourage each other as we learn to proclaim Christ to our world. You probably wouldn’t be surprised, […]

Key Connections

Key Connections (August 10, 2018)

Here are your Key Connections for the week! Isn’t The Bible Full of Errors? (John Piper, Desiring God) A sermon (and audio transcript) by John Piper in which he discusses the history of the Scriptures, ancient Roman texts, why he thinks “it’s probably just as well that we don’t have those […]

sermon clip

The Best Place to Flourish

Video Transcript: Joseph served in Potiphar’s house for 11 years. We know this because Joseph was 17 years old when he was sold as a slave (Genesis 37:2), and he was thirty when he was appointed prime minister by Pharaoh (Genesis 41:46). As we will see next time, Joseph spent […]


The Joy of Mourning Sin

One of the great struggles of the Christian life is falling into sin. We profess to follow Jesus, but our moment-to-moment behavior contradicts us. The awareness of our sin can rob us of much of the joy of Jesus, or paralyze us in guilt, even going as far as to […]

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Give Your Kids Something Better Than Youth Sports

You’re a good mom. You’re a good dad. You want what’s best for your kids. You sacrifice to provide for them. You forego vacations and skimp on retirement savings to give them good gifts. In the affluent West in 2018, those good gifts often take the form of youth sports. […]


Five Dangers of Reading Christian Biographies

Reading Christian biographies has been a major source of growth for me. They inspire me in a way unlike other literary genres because they blend Christian living, theology, and history in a way that stirs both my soul and my imagination. Much like Hebrews 11’s listing of biblical figures who lived by […]

Key Connections

Key Connections (August 3, 2018)

4 Ways to Love Your Pastor (Amy DiMarcangelo, The Gospel Coalition) If we’re honest, we can often demand grace from them but extend little to them. With regular access to podcasts and social media, it’s tempting to compare our pastors unfavorably with those we admire from afar. We can subconsciously […]


Have You Made the “Ask” of Jesus Christ?

A man with leprosy came to [Jesus] and begged him on his knees, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cured. […]


Momentary Afflictions That Last a Lifetime

“This affliction is light and momentary.” How do you say that to a young wife who just traumatically lost her husband? To a woman suffering through infertility? To the children who lost their father? Or to the man with a deadly diagnosis? Afflictions like these don’t feel momentary. No. Instead, […]