Key Connections (August 10, 2018)

Here are your Key Connections for the week!

Isn’t The Bible Full of Errors? (John Piper, Desiring God)

A sermon (and audio transcript) by John Piper in which he discusses the history of the Scriptures, ancient Roman texts, why he thinks “it’s probably just as well that we don’t have those [original manuscripts],” and why he “agree[s] with Don Carson and the others that the story of the woman caught in adultery was not in the Gospel of John when he wrote it.”

4 Reasons Christians Skip Church (Daryl Crouch, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)

Daryl Crouch on why “it’s no longer just fashionable to be late to church.” He writes, “many Christians in post-Christian America simply do not see weekly church gathering as a necessary part of their spiritual formation,” and offers “four realities help explain why Christians make skipping church a way of life.”

10 Things I Learned From 2 Corinthians (Mike Leake, Borrowed Light)

Mike Leake discusses why this passage is helpful for those struggling with the prosperity gospel. He also contemplates the smell of suffering.

Good News for Parents Feeling Guilty About Technology (Maggie Pope, Gospel Centered Discipleship)

“My little girl had noticed a pattern, the same one you see when you look around the mall. What are all the big girls doing? When you go to the park, what are all the parents doing?” Maggie Pope answers these questions and considers how to solve the problem from a theological point of view.

Have You Made The “Ask” of Jesus Christ? (Colin Smith, Unlocking The Bible)

“Becoming a Christian is not about you doing something great for Christ. It’s about Christ doing something great for you. If you come to Christ thinking you’re offering him something special, you will never receive anything from him.” In this post, Colin Smith examines Mark 1:40-42 as he offers three important characteristics one must have before they “receive what Christ offers.”

Davis is an editor for Unlocking The Bible and an Adjunct Professor of English at a community college.

Date Posted: Aug 10th, 2018