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Key Connections (August 17, 2018)

August 17, 2018

Here are your Key Connections for the week!

Make ‘God Talk’ An Everyday Part Of Family Life (Julie Melillie, The Gospel Coalition)

Christian parents are instructed to disciple their children (Matt. 28:19); thankfully, though, a theology degree isn’t required. Understand the basics of the gospel—what God did for you and why—and start telling it to your children. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out—that’ll never happen.

Read more here!

Why People Are Reluctant To Discuss Faith (Barna)

Barna Research Group posted a study and infographic seeking to highlight the reasons why some people choose not to discuss matters of faith and religion: “I’m put off by how religion has been politicized” is listed as the third most common reason. You can read about the most common reason here.

Encouragement To Men To Lead Their Families Spiritually (Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspective Ministries)

Randy Alcorn offers insight and advice as he “challenge[s] men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes.” The post also included a video you can watch in which he discusses the topic more.

Safe To Admit Our Shame (Scott Sauls,

A great article on our tendency to hide when we feel shame which also explores the counter-intuitive need to shed the things we hide behind. Here’s a glimpse into the article:

This theme of deflecting, blaming, and hiding has remained with us since Eden. Painfully aware of our own nakedness and shame, we, too, have become masters at hiding. Instead of fig leaves, we use other, more sophisticated strategies to cover the things about ourselves that we don’t want others to see. If anyone really gets to know us, if the real truth about us is exposed, surely no one—not even God—will love or desire us.

The Best Place To Flourish (Colin Smith, Unlocking The Bible)

Focus your best effort on what God has given you to do right now. It’s easy to waste your life, always looking at the next thing, but the best place to flourish is where God has set you down. Whatever God has given you to do, do it with all your heart! My pastor used to say, “Colin, there are no perfect places. The best place to flourish is…

Watch, listen, and read the rest of the sermon clip here!

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