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Key Connections (September 21, 2018)

September 21, 2018

Here are your key connections from this past week!

Jesus Obeyed His Parents (David Mathis, Desiring God)

How did Christ submit to his parents? And why, given that Mathis points out he was “more competent in the faith than his parents”? What does it mean for the average Christian today?

Pastor, Don’t Be A Secondhander (Darren Carlson, The Gospel Coalition)

Darren Carlson discusses the temptations a preacher may face, including the temptation to steal and plagiarize ideas: “It’s common for pastors to copy sermons. In my preaching lab during seminary, three people delivered the same sermon. We steal and deceive while portraying ourselves as having studied and been molded by the passage.” He then encourages pastors to preach from firsthand, not secondhand, experience.

2 Reasons Christians Lose Their Joy (And What to Do About It) (Tim Chester, Crossway)

Are you looking for a good, new Christian book? Crossway’s blog recently published an adaption from Reforming Joy: Paul, the Reformers, and the Church Today by Tim Chester. Check it out!

At All Costs (Ami Atkins Wickiser, Risen Motherhood)

We headed toward the stairs, a frequent and familiar routine… I was present in the moment with my baby. Stepping up, my slipper caught a rough joint in the wood, and the world flipped in slow motion. We tumbled toward the wooden landing with no possible way to prevent the fall.

How to Not Lose Heart in Difficult Times (Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible)

Colin Smith discusses 2 Corinthians 4 and 5 to get at the question of how we keep up courage during difficult times. So, prepared to be encouraged! It is amazing how we can find lasting encouragement in the Bible!

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Davis Wetherell

Davis Wetherell (MA in English, Marquette University) is a writer and editor for Unlocking The Bible. He has taught college classes on literature, rhetoric, and composition. He has a heart for writers and loves to serve them. Connect with him on Twitter!

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