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Key Connections (October 12, 2018)

October 12, 2018

Here are your key connections from the past week!

Eternal Hope in Postpartum Depression (Hannah Abrahamson, Risen Motherhood)

Within a few days of my daughter’s birth, I knew something was very, very wrong with me. I couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard I tried. Food held no interest for me. I wanted to smile, but a veil settled over my heart. I felt far away from everyone around me, even the baby I nursed and rocked gently in my arms.

The Unexpected Trend Reviving Canadian Christianity (Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, The Gospel Coalition)

“…the gospel is advancing,” Symons said. “Lives are being transformed, people are being baptized, and churches are being planted. . . . God is alive and well in Canada.”

Does Your Church Offer Weak Community? (Barry Cooper, 9Marks)

It can seem self-evident that the right course of action is to make it easier to become a church member. What if there were fewer doctrines to which people had to give assent? What if, once someone became a member, we asked less of them in terms of their responsibilities to other members? It seems obvious: if you lower the cost, more will buy. In fact, what if we just ditched the idea of membership altogether?

Can Our Sins Derail God’s Plan For Us? (Mark Altrogge, the blazing center)

Our sins play havoc with us, and sometimes we wind up eating the fruit of our disobedience for years. Sometimes it can seem like we have derailed God’s design for our lives and now he has had to opt for plan B. But that is simply not true.

What The Sinner Does Not Know (Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible)

We need God to tell us what sin is, and he does that through his Word. That’s why we need to live under the Scriptures. We need the Scriptures to tell us what’s wrong, not for us to say what we feel is wrong with them. Paul said, “I would not have known what sin was except through the law” (Romans 7:7).

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Davis Wetherell (MA in English, Marquette University) is a writer and editor for Unlocking The Bible. He has studied and taught college classes on literature, rhetoric, and composition. He has a heart for writers and loves to serve them. Find out more on his blog and on Twitter.

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