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Key Connections: Righteous Suffering, God’s Hometown, and more…

December 7, 2018

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Christian articles around the web, including the stuff of Christmas, righteous suffering, and even an article about God’s hometown!

On Stuff and Stinginess (Jared C. Wilson, For the Church)

For Paul and the Macedonian churches, spreading the love of God through sacrificial generosity made perfect sense. God the Father had been generous with them in his amazing love despite their rebellion. God the Son had been generous with them in his atoning substitution despite their sin. God the Spirit had been generous with them in his gifts and comfort despite their weakness. What person impacted by all that grace could turn around and be stingy toward others?

Job 29: A Righteous Suffering Servant (Josh Moody, God Centered Life)

Yet there is one who was even less deserving of the cross of pain than Job. That one was Jesus. And in Job’s suffering, we see a pale reflection of the suffering of the Son of God. Who sinned not and yet became sin for us that we might have the righteousness of God. Who did no wrong, yet was betrayed. Who was a friend of sinners, and by sinners crucified.

God Grew Up in a Forgotten Town (David Mathis, desiringGod)

How remarkable that our Lord, being fully God and perfect man, didn’t make for the big city first chance he got, or insist he dwell where all the action was. Rather, he gave nearly the entirety of his life and public ministry not grasping for Jerusalem, but humbling himself in Galilee — in a man-forsaken town called Nazareth.

Christian Sufferer, Your Lord Is Near (Paul David Tripp, Crossway)

One of the dangers of suffering is that you can fall into God-amnesia, where your suffering overwhelms your knowledge or remembrance of his presence. In those hospital rooms, in those moments of suffering, my wife simply repeated these words to me: Your Lord is near.

Was Jesus Just A Teacher? Nicodemus Once Thought So (Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible)

How are you going to change what you desire? How will you break out of the ingrained patterns of your life? Or, how can you become a person who truly loves God from the heart? How can you become a person of clear and confident faith in all the promises of God? 

Here’s the good news: Jesus came to give what he demands. 

The Author
Davis Wetherell

Davis Wetherell (MA in English, Marquette University) is a writer and editor. He currently manages article content for Unlocking the Bible. He previously taught college classes on literature, rhetoric, and composition. Davis has a heart for writers and loves to serve them. Check out his blog, or connect with him on Twitter!

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