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Bible Q&A: Can I Help Someone Else’s Conscience?

July 30, 2019

How do I, when I see that someone else’s conscience has been seared and corrupted, help that person, especially if they don’t feel like they need help? I know only God can change someone’s heart through the Holy Spirit. Should I simply pray the Holy Spirit doesn’t let go of him?

The answer most likely depends on the openness or willingness of the person you are talking about. And, it is probably not necessary for him to see his need at this point in order for you to be helpful.  

There are three things that enable us to have a healthy conscience, or to restore an unhealthy conscience:  

1.) His conscience needs to be powered by the Holy Spirit 

This would depend on whether or not he is a Christian. So you can pray for him, that the Spirit would bring conviction of sin, whether or not he currently believes. 

In one case, you are praying essentially for salvation. In the other, you are praying for God to revive him spiritually.  

2.) His conscience needs to be set by the Word of God.  

This is really about encouraging him to open the Bible.  

Depending on where he is, you might begin by asking him to go to church with you (if that’s possible). If he is already in a church, then you could go a couple of different routes.  

i. You might invite him to go through the Bible with you, once a week. 

Check out Open, where Pastor Colin leads you through the whole Bible story in 50 sessions. Read the bible chapter, listen to the teaching, and meet to discuss the questions.  

ii. Or you could ask him to memorize / meditate on a verse a week with you. 

If you have the ESV bible app, there are fice icons across the bottom. Click on the second icon (looks like a calendar). Then scroll all the way to the bottom, and second from the bottom you’ll see the “Truth Bible Memory Plan.” Click on this and work your way through these verses together.  

3.) His conscience needs to be cleansed by the blood of Christ.  

Again, this cannot happen apart from genuine Christian faith. But God is able to intervene in his life and do the beautiful work of cleansing his conscience.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

The Author
Tim Augustyn

Tim serves as the resident pastor, writer, and editor of Unlocking the Bible. He was born and raised in northern Wisconsin, came to faith in his 20's while working in the business world, and received a Master's in Divinity from Trinity International University. He is author of the children’s book Man on the Run, and co-author of The One Year Unlocking the Bible Devotional with Colin Smith. Tim and his wife, Janna, and their four kids live in Arlington Heights, Ill.

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