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5 Key Connections: Resurrection, Persecution

October 24, 2019

Here are 5 key passages from recent Christian content around the web, including one on how the resurrection is the turning point in history, and another on how to face persecution.

Turning Point of World History: The Resurrection According to Acts (Brandon D. Crowe, TGC)

On one hand, everything changes when Christ is raised from the dead. At the same time, the Scriptures are fulfilled, which means the resurrection isn’t fundamentally new, but a goal anticipated for thousands of years.

1 Peter 4:12-19: Three Principles for Christians Facing Persecutions (Josh Moody, God Centered Life)

Rather than run away from what is moral when we are facing persecution, we should run towards what is moral and good and right. Why? God is faithful. Our Creator is faithful. We can trust him.

What Does Jesus Do? (Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible)

Faith begins here: You believe that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Then you personalize it: “If he can do this for the world, then he can do it for me!’

Brothers and sisters in Christ, as often as you become aware of sin in your life, you have a Savior to whom you can come.

The God Who Knows You (Jen Oshman, GCD)

The unchanging God of the universe knows us. The all-knowing, all-powerful Creator knows you and me. Our God, who does not waver, who does no wrong, whose mercies endure forever, knows those who know him.

Fostering Hospitality (Russell Meek, Servants of Grace)

My wife is the hospitable one in our family. I’m more like the ogre who would rather stay in his cave while the world swirls outside. She’s taught me a lot about what biblical hospitality means and how to extend love to the people around us.

The Author
Davis Wetherell

Davis Wetherell (MA in English, Marquette University) is a writer and editor. He recently managed article content for Unlocking the Bible. He has taught college classes on literature, rhetoric, and composition. Davis has a heart for writers and loves to serve them. Check out his blog.

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