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5 Key Connections: Thanksgiving 2019

November 28, 2019

Here are 5 key passages from articles on Unlocking the Bible about all things related to thanksgiving. Enjoy Thanksgiving 2019!

Make the Choice to Be Thankful for Jesus(Colin Smith)

The thankful person remembers the people who contributed to his or her life. The ungrateful person forgets these contributions and takes all the credit.

Think of all the people who have contributed to the course of your life. Parents and Sunday school teachers, people who have given to you, those who love you. People who have worked with you to achieve things that were important. Friends who were thoughtful. That person who said something at just the right time when you needed a word of encouragement.

70 Prompts for Giving Thanks to God (Lianna Davis)

God, you have:

1. given me a way to rejoice at all times (Phil. 4:4; 2 Cor. 6:10).

2. comforted me in all of my sorrows (1 Cor. 1:4).

3. not treated me as I deserve (Ps. 103:10).

4. given me all of the good gifts that I enjoy (1 Tim. 6:17; Jas. 1:17).

5. been the perfect peace of my soul, though I still sorrowfully sin (Rom. 5:1).

Thanksgiving: A Gospel Guide (Kristen Wetherell)

The person who trusts in the Lord “is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither” (Psalm 1:3). Christ nourishes our deepest desires by giving to us himself: holy, perfect, loving, kind, faithful, strong, true, and eternal. He is the solid rock on which believers stand, steadfast and sure. Nothing else, not even the greatest Thanksgiving feast, compares to his glory!

Make Your Dinner Table a Place of Worship (Colin Smith)

Make your dinner table a place where you worship. Don’t let the television replace the table. Whether it is at the beginning or the end of the meal, use this most common event as an opportunity to give thanks. We sometimes talk about “saying grace” and that can become a habit, but it is a good habit that we need to keep fresh and meaningful.

Three Perspectives for Christian Thankfulness (Davis Wetherell)

As Christians, God not only calls us by name but also calls us by His name. Think of name here indicating something related to status, to worthiness, to glory, and to power. We are called by His name, and we share in His glory.

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The Author
Davis Wetherell

Davis Wetherell (MA in English, Marquette University) is a writer and editor. He currently manages article content for Unlocking the Bible. He previously taught college classes on literature, rhetoric, and composition. Davis has a heart for writers and loves to serve them. Check out his blog.

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