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Pete Alle

Before coming to Unlocking the Bible, Pete has served professionally in executive strategy, operational, and planning roles in the food industry as well as consulting. Because of the strong emphasis on the study and application of God’s Word, Pete enrolled in Unlocking the Bible's lay-leader course, LEVERAGE, from which he graduated in 2016. He and his wife Sarma are currently enrolled in another course, MOMENTUM. Participating in these courses confirmed and further ignited his passion for seeing the Gospel reach more people through the ministry of Unlocking the Bible. He and Sarma have been members of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church since 2008. They currently lead and co-lead LIFE groups, while Pete is also actively mentoring and discipling men in one-on-one and group settings. Pete serves as an elder and vice-chairman of The Orchard and also has an active ministry with the Latvian Baptist Church in America.

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