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From Crisis to Courageous Living

If you are wanting to understand how God would have us respond to this crisis, please first watch the Facing the Unexpected series below.

Having walked through the different stages of Facing the Unexpected (below), how do we continue to build on that foundation of walking humbly and confidently with God? There are several ways that you can use Unlocking the Bible to transition from the Crisis to Courageous Living. This list is meant to help you continue developing the habit of understanding God’s Word and applying it to your life; to see your life “conformed to the image of his Son” (Rom. 8:29) and living a spirit-filled life that abounds in fruit for the glory of God.


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6 Resources to Help You Live Courageously

1. Listen to the Unlocking the Bible radio program
You can listen to, download, or purchase any of the Unlocking the Bible daily radio programs.

2. Read Unlocking the Bible articles
Featuring over 30 writers, we cover everything from Christian living and our culture, to relationships and spiritual growth.

3. Read the LifeKEYS daily devotional
We’ll help you begin each day with a brief, meaningful look into God’s Word.

4. Journey through the whole Bible is a unique online tool that will take you on a journey through the whole Bible story from Genesis to Revelation.

5. Visit the online store for key resources
Recent books from Pastor Colin will help you move from doubting, defiance, and drifting to finding more joy in your walk with God, and see that Jesus actually provides us the way to pursue the blessed life.

6. Sign up for the weekly email, This Week at Unlocking the Bible
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Fear. Anxiety. Confusion. Facing the Unexpected is a resource designed to help you face these challenging times with hope.

Facing the Unexpected is a resource based on Pastor Colin’s sermon series, Crisis: Facing the Unexpected. Together, let’s turn to God and His Word to find comfort, strength, and the clarity and confidence to face the unexpected.


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Keys to Courage

Keys to Courage
Pastor Colin shares several verses to help us live courageously as we face the difficult days ahead.

How to Face Your Fears

How to Face Your Fears
In this special video message, Pastor Colin provides the crucial things we must first do when facing circumstances that overwhelm us.

Crisis: Facing the Unexpected Sermon Series

Isaiah 38 tells the story of an illness that afflicted King Hezekiah. It tells us how he felt, it tells us how he prayed to the Lord, and it tells us how the Lord helped him. This 5-part series is a look at this remarkable chapter of the Bible where we’ll discover what God has to say to us, as we face this unexpected crisis.


Sermon #1: “Shock”Download Sermon Study Guide
Pastor Colin introduces us to the crisis faced by King Hezekiah. Like the Coronavirus, it too was unexpected and overwhelming. Focusing on the first three verses of Isaiah 38, he will help you respond to the shock of being overwhelmed by something that is out of your control.


Sermon #2: “Hope”Download Sermon Study Guide
After the initial shock of this unexpected crisis, it may be tempting for you to lose hope. Without an end in sight, knowing what to do becomes unclear. In this sermon, Pastor Colin will help you see that God has given us means by which we can do something, especially in a crisis, and at the same time trust God to do what only he can do.


Sermon #3: “Anguish”Download Sermon Study Guide
When God chooses to have you wait on him, the mental and physical suffering can leave you feeling fragile, anxious and weary. What do you do when life seems so fragile and you’re isolated from the ones you love? Pastor Colin explains how your anguish can turn to hope as you wait for God’s deliverance from this unexpected crisis.


Sermon #4: “Faith”Download Sermon Study Guide
A difficult season or event in your life can quickly reveal the substance of your faith. Through the testing of your faith, Pastor Colin explains how God can strengthen your faith and assure you that “nothing can separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Sermon #5: “Gratitude”Download Sermon Study Guide
Have you ever been in a situation where you begged for a second chance? Or maybe, unexpectedly, you were given a new lease on life? Immediately, almost without thinking, we vow to do our best with this new opportunity. But then, too quickly, we forget the grace that we’d been shown and pride seeps into our hearts. In this final sermon in the series, Pastor Colin describes how God’s grace will guide us in transitioning from this crisis to the “new normal” with humility and gratitude.

Share Your Story and Prayer Requests

We are standing with you during these unprecedented times. Please let us know if we can pray for you or if you would like one of our staff to contact you. You can also share your story of God’s faithfulness.

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Resources to Share

For many, these uncertain times raise challenging questions about heaven, and create confusion over where to turn for comfort and understanding when facing the loss of a loved one. Here are some resources you can put in their hands that will help them find clarity about the future, and discover how to face it with hope.

How Can I Be Sure About Heaven?

This booklet provides clarity and certainty about heaven by tracing the story of the thief on the cross, and in particular, his encounter with Jesus that led to the Son of God saying to him: “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

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For All Who Grieve

Honestly facing the difficult questions that death stirs up, For All Who Grieve shows what it looks like to grieve with hope. This book will demonstrate how to navigate the valley of grief, sorrow, and loss.




We have selected these articles from the Unlocking the Bible archives to help you find courage, face what overwhelms you, and continue to grow as you live for Christ—even while in the midst of these troubling times.

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It's at times like these that we have a renewed sense of our need to connect with God, and there is no better way to start than by reading and understanding his Word. Open is your guided journey through the powerful, life-transforming story of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is a single story that begins in a garden, ends in a city, and all the way through points to Jesus Christ.

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