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fathers and fatherhood

Many young sons and daughters will soon have landed the perfect tie or painted the perfect picture for their father on Father’s Day. It brings out the fun, unique, and meaningful ways we express how we feel about our fathers. But this holiday can also bring with it painful reminders of the difficult seasons you may have experienced, or continue to experience with your father. Perhaps the best gift for you and your father this Father’s Day is a deeper understanding of your Heavenly Father, and how he can bring healing, understanding, and hope in your relationship with your earthly father. We have several topics you can explore on fathers and fatherhood including: God as your father, a father’s leadership, a praying father, and what you can do if you’ve had a difficult relationship with your father.


LifeKEYS Daily Devotional


When Honoring Your Father or Mother Is Difficult
From the series: The Conveniently Neglected Teachings of Jesus
As a father, the way that you speak about your mother and father in front of your children will be a pretty good indicator of the way that your children will speak about you.

If Your Father Messed You Up
From the series: Ultimate Questions
If you feel that your father messed you up, that impact can confuse our understanding of fatherhood. Know that there is a Father who can restore you and your understanding.

You Can Ask Your Father
Jesus depicts fatherhood in two pictures: first, that God is your friend, and second, that God is your Father.


Sermons (video) by Pastor Colin


The Flawed Father (Genesis 12)
From the series: Faith for Fractured Families
Fatherhood is not about being perfect, because there are no picture-perfect families. If someone were to try and write a book called: “Model Families of the Bible,” it would be a very short book indeed.

How to Pray When You Fear for Your Children (Psalm 12)
From the series: With Christ in the School of Prayer
Fatherhood means caring for your child’s every need. Our prayers for their futures should also focus on what the future holds no only for our children, but our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


Short Articles


fathers and fatherhood

The God of Our Fathers
The faith and perseverance of the father are crucial for a spiritually healthy family. Amram and Jochebed worshiped the one true God when many Israelites had forsaken him. Their faithfulness to God made an indelible impression on their children: Moses, Aaron and Miram.

fathers and fatherhood

Fathers, Exercise the Leadership God Has Trusted to You
David was an extraordinary leader, and in his last words, he describes the marks of effective leadership. Fathers, in particular, have much to learn about leadership from the life of David.

fathers and fatherhood

No Perfect Fathers (or Mothers)
No human father will ever attain perfect-father status. In Romans 4:16-17 Abraham is described as “the father of us all … our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed.” But Abraham made mistakes in matters of fatherhood just as any man does.

fathers and fatherhood

Listen to Your Father’s Voice
A key to fatherhood is how the father in Proverbs 2 instructs his son—and how our Father instructs us by his Spirit: follow his voice with our whole self, not just “fancy it with our ears.”

fathers and fatherhood

What Does It Mean for God to Be Our Father? (Q&A)
Pastor Colin describes 3 ways that God is our father, and, what provides a solid basis for biblical fatherhood: finding joy in, giving generously to, and lavishing love on our children.




A Father’s Wisdom – CD series
Where your heart is today is a good predictor of where you will be tomorrow. In Proverbs 23, you will hear the voice of a father who is seeking the good of his son, and the voice of God the Father speaking to you.

For All Who Grieve – Hardcover
Based on the biblical themes of tears, talk, guilt, grievance, hope, and healing, this book will demonstrate how to navigate the valley of grief, sorrow, and loss.

Godly Character – CD series
Includes sermon, “A Man After God’s Own Heart”
What does it mean to be “a man after God’s own heart”? God said that David was a man after His own heart, but David committed adultery. Find out what it means, and how this pursuit is fundamental to fatherhood.

Faith for Fractured Families – CD series
Includes sermon “The Flawed Father”
The Bible is filled with stories of sinners who find hope in the amazing grace and kindness of God. This is especially comforting if you have struggled with how your father has treated you.

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