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How You Speak about Jesus

August 6, 2020

Our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction. 1 Thessalonians 1:5 (NIV)

People communicate in different styles, but whatever your style, the way you speak about the gospel has to fit the scale of the message that you are proclaiming.

Think about a man making a marriage proposal to the woman he loves. He decides to leave a voice mail: “Hi, there, just wanted you to know that I love you very much. And I wanted to ask you if you would marry me. Get back to me when you have time. I really hope this is something that you will want to do.” That wouldn’t be very appropriate, now would it?

When a man makes a marriage proposal he knows that what he is proposing will cost him everything. What he is asking will cost her everything. He is asking for nothing less than her exclusive love, devotion, and loyalty for the rest of her life, and that’s what he is offering to her.

This is how Jesus approaches us. We must communicate the gospel in a way that is appropriate to the message. The gospel should not be presented like a high-pressure sales pitch, or like a free piece of candy, but with power, with the Holy Spirit’s help, and with deep conviction.

Think about the people you talk to—children, grandchildren, colleagues, neighbors, small group, Sunday school class—what would they conclude about the importance of the gospel from the way that you speak about Jesus Christ?


The Author
Colin Smith

Colin Smith is the Senior Pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He has authored a number of books, including Heaven, How I Got Here and Heaven, So Near - So Far. Colin is the President and Teacher for Unlocking the Bible. Follow him on Twitter.

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