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10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible – DVDs

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If you’re just beginning to explore the rewards of Bible study, here is the perfect introduction! Pastor Colin Smith has drawn from all four volumes of his work, Unlocking the Bible Story, to create this fascinating and thought-provoking guide. Using ten key words from his books, he leads the reader through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and opens doors to further inspiration. 10 Keys offers a bridge to his series and is also a wonderful stand-alone book of revitalizing truths. All 10 messages are included here on two DVDs.

All 10 messages are included here on two DVDs.

Disc One:

1. The Garden
2. The Law
3. The Sacrifice
4. The Invitation
5. The Manger

Disc Two:

6. The Cross
7. The Tomb
8. The Spirit
9. The Fight
10. The City