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Close Encounters with the Living God – Series CD

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In a time of crisis, God gets your attention. A crisis has a way of bringing new clarity. It can clear away the fog and show us that we desperately need a close encounter with the living God. The prophet Micah brought God’s Word to His people in a time of great crisis. His message brings us to the living God who is able to overcome evil and to rescue His people.

This series includes these sermon titles:

1. The God Who Brings Revival (Micah 1:12)
2. The God Who Brings Disaster (Micah 1:2-16)
3. The God Who Speaks for Himself (Micah 2:1-13)
4. The God Who Holds Leaders Accountable (Micah 3:1-12)
5. The God Who Gathers His Own Community (Micah 4:1-13)
6. The God Who Shepherds His People (Micah 5:1-9)
7. The God Who Will Not Tolerate Rivals (Micah 5:10-15)
8. The God Who Sends Out Subpoenas (Micah 6:1-16)
9. The God Who Hides Himself (Micah 7:1-10)
10. The God Who Forgives and Restores (Micah 7:11-20)

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