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Deckchairs on the Titanic: How to Avoid a Plunge to Disaster – Series CD

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Discover how to navigate through the hazardous waters of your life—from the stories of eight men who took a plunge to disaster. Cain, Esau, Balaam, Korah, Sampson, Absalom, Jehoiakim, and Judas all believed in God and came to worship. Like passengers on the Titanic, their lives were sailing along and everything seemed fine. But their problems were hidden, and eventually, they went down. If you want to avoid a plunge to disaster, invest in this series.

This series includes these sermon titles:

1. Deal with Your Anger (Genesis 4)
2. Establish True Values (Genesis 25, 27)
3. Live What You Believe (Numbers 22-24)
4. Submit to Authority (Numbers 16)
5. Cultivate Self-Control (Judges 13-16)
6. Grow Through Your Wounds (2 Samuel 13-18)
7. Feed on God’s Word (Jeremiah 36)
8. Never Give Up Hope (Matthew 26, 27)