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For All Who Grieve – Audiobook (CD)


When Pastor Colin Smith found himself counseling grieving couples in his church, he turned to the book of Lamentations for help. What unfolded is recorded in this book.

Written with compassion and understanding, yet honestly facing the difficult questions that death stirs up, For All Who Grieve shows what it looks like to grieve with hope.

Based on the biblical themes of tears, talk, guilt, grievance, hope, and healing this book will demonstrate how to navigate the valley of grief, sorrow, and loss.

Most of all, though, it points to Christ, our Savior, who knows what it is to walk sorrow’s path. For when you pass through the valley of sorrow and loss, you are in a place where Christ can be found.

“Colin Smith blends the consolations of Scripture with a pastor’s heart… and helps sufferers find hope and a route through their pain, carried by His sustaining love and faithfulness.” —Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; host and teacher of Revive Our Hearts

“I highly recommend this book… It is time we taught God’s people how to mourn and how to share tears and conversation with each other towards the healing of the whole body of Christ.” —Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“A rare treasure. If you’re hurting or helping someone battling sorrow, this book is a gift.” —Mark Vroegop, Lead Pastor at College Park Church, Indianapolis, and author of Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

“Readers will find in these pages companionship, understanding, godly wisdom, and hope that it does not have to hurt forever as much as it does today.” —Nancy Guthrie, author of What Grieving People Wish You Knew About What Really Helps and What Really Hurts

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