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God Who Straightens Out Twisted People – Series CD

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It is fascinating, and in some ways rather frightening, that many of our characteristics were determined even before we were born. Early life experiences also have a powerful influence in shaping the people we become. So what hope is there for a man who was born a fighter, and whose early experience in a divided family led him to a life of lies and deception, with all its painful consequences? That was Jacob’s life story until he discovered the God who straightens out twisted people.

This series includes these sermon titles:

1. The God Who Straightens Out Twisted People
2. The God Who Makes His Own Decisions
3. The God Who Always Get His Way
4. The God Who Tells Us Who He Is
5. The God Who Never Gives Up
6. The God Who Establishes Peace
7. The God Who Fights To Win
8. The God Who Keeps His Promises

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