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Gospel According to Jesus, Part 2: God’s People – Series CD

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Part 2 of 3. This series takes you on a journey through The Gospel of Mark, where you will encounter Jesus Christ the Son of God. Discovering who Jesus is, and what He has accomplished, you will find yourself drawn to follow Him along with His first disciples.

This series (Part 2 of 3) includes these sermon titles:

1. Jesus Overcomes Resistance in His People (Mark 6:1-56)
2. Jesus Cleanses the Hearts of His People (Mark 7:1-30)
3. Jesus Gives Sight to His People (Mark 7:31-8:33)
4. Jesus Calls His People to Sacrifice (Mark 8:34-9:32)
5. Jesus Warns His People About Hell (Mark 9:33-50)
6. Jesus Calls His People to Become Like Children (Mark 9:50-10:16)
7. Jesus Lays Claim to All Our Possessions (Mark 10:17-31)