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Gospel According to Jesus, Part 3: God’s Salvation – Series CD

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What did it mean for Jesus to give His life a ransom for many? In Part 3 of this series through Mark’s gospel, we’ll explore Jesus’ death and resurrection, and discover what He accomplished. You’ll find new joy in the salvation Jesus came to bring.

This series (Part 3 of 3) includes these sermon titles:

1. Jesus Demonstrates His Power by Serving & Giving (Mark 10:32-52)
2. Jesus Looks for Fruit Among His People (Mark 11:1-25)
3. Jesus Has the Answer to All His People’s Questions¬†(Mark 11:27-12:44)
4. Jesus is Coming for His People (Mark 13:1-37)
5. Jesus Suffered at the Hands of His Friends (Mark 14:1-52)
6. Jesus Suffered at the Hands of His Enemies (Mark 14:53-15:20)
7. Jesus Suffered Under the Judgment of God (Mark 15:21-41)
8. Jesus Offers Life to His People (Mark 15:42-16:8)

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