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Restore My Soul – Series CD

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What if your heart cried out to God? What if all our hearts cried out for revival? The church and the world would never be the same. In this series, you’ll discover nine heart-cries for revival. Each one is an expression of God’s heart for His people. As they become your prayer back to God, you can be sure that He takes great delight in answering them.

This series includes these sermon titles:

1. Restore Faith! (Isaiah 53)
2. Restore Joy! (Isaiah 54-55)
3. Restore Repentance! (Isaiah 56-57)
4. Restore Justice! (Isaiah 58-60)
5. Restore Hope! (Isaiah 61)
6. Restore Prayer! (Isaiah 64)
7. Restore People! (Isaiah 65:1-9)
8. Restore Worship! (Isaiah 66:7-11, 18-21)
9. Restore Creation! (Isaiah 65:13-25; 66:22-24)